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Spencer & Devon Shaving Cream - Sagebrush, 8 oz. Jar

Spencer & Devon Shaving Cream - Sagebrush, 8 oz. Jar

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Spencer & Devon Shaving Cream - Sagebrush, 8 oz. Jar

Avg. Customer Rating:
5 stars
(3 Reviews)
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Product Details

This smooth, thick cream has an aloe vera base, shea butter for extra emollience and a host of great ingredients that nourish your skin while protecting it. With our shaving cream, you will have a great shave. Our Sagebrush scent is rugged like the outdoors, yet still sensibly civilized; always alluring, never overpowering. An unmistakably masculine shaving cream, scented with sage, cedarwood and pine needle essential oils, Spencer & Devon Sagebrush evokes the frontiersman, but with much better grooming.

  • Contains Shea Butter for emollience
  • Aloe Vera is #1 ingredient
  • Kaolin Clay reduces razor friction and increases razor glide
  • Salicylic Acid helps reduce bumps and irritation
  • Olive and Avocado Oils provide nutrients and antioxidants
  • Loaded with botanical extracts to soothe skin, reduce irritation, and add comfort
  • Great for double edge wet-shavers
Customer Reviews

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Average customer rating
5 stars
(3 customer reviews)
5 stars
Great stuff!
August 29, 2013
Reviewer:  Cor "Cor" 


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It's everything you want and expect from a great shave cream. The scent is earthy and good. It grows on you every time you use. My skin is clean and soft. I have no nicks, no bumps and my complexion has cleared since using S&D over my old cream. Highly recommended. Wondering when the same scented aftershave balms will be out! Good job.

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5 stars
Sagebrush just received
December 23, 2012
Reviewer:  j-son 

(long island)

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Just received my sagebrush. i have about a dozen other creams/soaps and this one is top of the list for performance. really tough to beat this cream for slickness, lathering and face-feel afterwards. Not a fan so much of Sage as a scent but it doesnt linger afterwards. I will definitely try out spice scent next and would recommend this shave cream to everyone. I used a small amount and had enough cream for a 6 pass shave...eventhough i only do a 3 pass shave. A tub like this should last a year. good job fellas....a great american product.

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5 stars
Outstanding Shave Cream!
May 2, 2012
Reviewer:  cranzeiron 


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I'm a double edge and straight razor shaver and these razors tend to be very aggressive. I ordered the sage scented shave cream from Amazon and have used it shaving with an old open tooth double edge and various straight razors. Wonderful lather and rich feel to the cream resulting in a very slippery and comfortable shave. Straight razor shaving is a slow process and second and third applications of this cream are just as good as the first. This product applies just as good after several minutes on the brush. The price may initially seem high, but you can literally use a dime sized dollop and get multiple thickly applied luxurious lathers. I use the tip of one finger to scoop a little out and put it in the palm of my left hand and then work the brush into it for a few swirls; apply it the the face and presto! rich lightly scented creamy lather. With no more than this amount needed this generously sized tub will last a very long time. Great shave cream!

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